GPSDash2 2.58

Get the most out of your GPS-enabled Pocket PC

GPSdash2 is a SHAREWARE tool for the PocketPC platform which tries to help you with getting the most out of your (expensive) mobile GPS equipment.

It is able to interpret data from GPS receivers and presents this data via 5 complementary views. Accompanied by its easy to use navigational features, GPSdash2 is your perfect partner for hiking, sailing or any similar outdoor activity.


  • Choose from more than 30 different gauges

  • Out of 10 categories

  • Speed, Acceleration, Mileage

  • Altitude, Ascent Rate, Altitude Gain

  • Navigation, Time, Reception, DOP

  • Assemble your own layout

  • Make gauges fullscreen


  • Charts for 7 GPS derived data functions

  • Freely switch between several monitoring time-windows

  • in between 1 Minute and more than 4 hours

  • Support for metric, imperial and nautic measuring units

Moving Map

  • Easy import and use of your favourite maps

  • No size limit for maps

  • Visualization of your position, trail and heading

  • Visualization of waypoints (selectable) and navigation targets

  • Distance and Area measuring tool

Waypoints & Routes

  • Extensive support for Waypoints and Routes

  • Organize your Waypoints by Categories

  • Sort your Waypoints by multiple criterias

  • e.



GPSDash2 2.58